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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Board of Directors

Director: Chris Wilson

President: Robert Roecker

Vice President: Joe Baynes

Treasurer: Doug Rader

Past President: Don Biele

Active Members:                                                                Past Presidents:

Greg Allen                                                                            Don Biele

Bob Been                                                                              Pam Abraham

Bob Beyea                                                                            Travis Bard

Barb Buchanan                                                                     Bob Been

Harry Cipriano                                                                     Barb Buchanan

Rod Cordes                                                                           Richard Butts

Mike Fann                                                                            Rod Cordes

George Flint                                                                         Shirley Getcha

Butch Hampton                                                                    Maggie Greenwood

Wayne Howell                                                                      Henry “Butch” Hampton

Don Love                                                                             Wayne Howell

Margaret McAnulty                                                             Neil Klein

Mark McClain                                                                      John Phillips

Ralph Rodarte                                                                       Ralph Rodarte

Rowlie Simmons                                                                  Judy Rojas

                                                                                              Rowle Simmons

Inactive Members:                                                              Bill Vallely

Paul Gabaldon, Sr.                                                                Mike Wright

Bill Vallely                                                                            Fred York




Callers must contact Yavapai Silent Witness at 1-800-932-3232 or submit a tip online  with criminal information to be eligible for any cash reward!

  • Callers never have to give their names

  • Typically pays from $100 to $1,000 for information leading to a felony arrest

  • Call any time - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Serving All of Yavapai County Since 1981

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